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Like all good things, there is often paperwork. This often includes patient questionnaires to review your medical history and surgical history, assess how severe symptoms are, and guide the urology team’s investigations.

Brining a list of your medications, including over the counter medications, vitamins and supplements. This helps significantly, especially if medications have to be prescribed, to make sure the possibility of adverse reactions is limited. Alternatively, patients can bring their medications with them and we can review them directly at the office.

We do ask for accurate and up to date contact information, to make sure we can contact you quickly and efficiently with any medical concerns. We also ask for an alternative contact person in case of any challenges getting a hold of you directly. This should be someone who you would trust with your personal and health information. We use a number of different mechanisms to get in touch with patients depending on the sensitivity of the information to be communicated; that’s why we don’t always use common strategies like email or leaving detailed phone messages.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance, both to you and to us. We do NOT give out your personal information to any companies at all, and the information is stored securely. If we have to get any information from other medical professionals not easily available from your referring doctors or your regional hospitals/imaging facilities, we ask your permission and have you complete a “release of information” form that lets everyone know that you have consented to them giving the required information to our team.