Health Care Professionals

We are happy to see patients for investigation of urologic disease. In order to help us care for patients, please feel free to fax us a referral which includes the following:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Contact Information (the more the better)
  • The Clinical Question(s) being asked
  • Any investigations done in workup of the clinical question(s)
  • Any previous urologic evaluations

We then review the referral and triage it depending on the information provided.

We understand how long it can take for patients to be seen in the current health care environment. In order to help alleviate this somewhat, we often ask for some investigations to be ordered by the referring physician. This helps reduce the wait time for investigations and triage patients as if any sinister findings are detected, we see the patients as quickly as possible. We usually ask for tests that are pretty commonly ordered by general practitioners/family physicians; often if we really feel that more complex tests are ordered, we will order them ourselves and let you and the patient know we are doing so to expedite care.