Physical Examination

Community Urologist in Ottawa, Ontario

Despite the multitude of fancy imaging tests available, examining patients is still a very important part of figuring out what the urologic issues are. This tends to focus on the abdomen and pelvis, along with the urinary and genital organs.

The physical examination can, and often does, include a digital rectal examination for men and a limited pelvic examination for women. We understand that this can be a very challenging thing for some patients to get through, and we endeavour to ensure that your concerns are addressed and respected. To help with this we often will get other members of the team to be present when you are examined, and try to make accommodations for personal preferences where possible.

Sometimes, in order to expedite investigations and care, we will use certain tests at the same time as the physical examination is done. Bladder Scans are a type of “mini-ultrasound” that allows for determination of how well someone is emptying their bladder. Cystoscopy is a “mini-telescope” that allows the urologist to examine the inside of the bladder directly.