Urology Research

There are many ways in which patients and the urology team help with research to try to improve the care of urology patients. No research s mandatory for patients – patients can always decline participation in research activities without jeopardizing their care.

The most simple and common way is via questionnaires. These are usually anonymous (no patient identifiers used), and help gauge patient opinions and responses to treatment strategies.

Many more complex research activities occur through our partners at the academic centres in the region (The Ottawa Hospital, Kingston General Hospital). They often have formal research departments with significant support to make sure patients are safe and cared for during the research process. Often patients would like access to things being used in the research field and we usually send patients to our colleagues to facilitate this.

As research becomes more commonly used in the general population, we will endeavour to ensure patients have access to whatever is applicable for their situation and safe for them given their specific case.

We often will put up some of the research applicable to our patient population on the website – so stay tuned!