What Makes Dr. Pierre Urology Stand Out

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About Dr. Pierre Urology

As a community urologist in Ottawa with over twelve years of experience, my focus is on using technology and information to make patient care more efficient and comprehensive. I ended up practicing in Ottawa after completing two years of sub-specialty training in the US. 

My sub-specialty area is in minimally invasive urology, and I have particular expertise in many of the procedures with smaller incisions and shorter lengths of stay.

I earned my medical degree at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario and did my urology residency at Queen’s University. 

Over the years, with a culmination of efforts from physicians and other hospital staff, I’ve been able to expand the minimally invasive urologic surgery offerings at our hospital significantly.

The Dr. Pierre Urology Difference

One aspect that makes me stand out from the rest of the healthcare professionals is that I continue to use digital resources to make my practice more comprehensive. There are a number of different sites to access patient information, and I try to be prepared when I see patients so that I can answer all their questions. It makes me a bit slower (I probably see fewer patients a day than many specialists), but I’d like to think that I get a bit more done at each visit.

At my practice, I believe in weighing all the reasonable options to help my patients, and discussing why the unreasonable options aren’t appropriate. I’m a big fan of patients trying to educate themselves about their medical issues and have no problem addressing issues that they have identified online or from friends or family. In essence, I, too, am part of the education process. I strive my best to have all the relevant information available at the time for patients to review, and if I don’t have it, I try to get it to patients as soon as I can.

I ensure that I help patients access the care that they would prefer. I believe in talking in detail about my patients’ medical condition, the issues surrounding it, and the thought process behind the treatment. Additionally, I treat individuals with a family history of urologic medical problems. Early diagnosis gives the patient time and space to explore and discuss the issues at hand.

Throughout my career as a urologist, I’ve been showered with several prestigious accolades and awards such as The Canadian Urological Association Community Continuing Professional, Queensway Carleton Hospital Innovation Award, Duke University Service Champion, Queen’s University Resident Teaching Award, and The University of Western Ontario Keith and Greta Thompson Research Award.

My dream for the future is to improve the care of patients with more efficient systems, better incorporation of digital resources, and improved patient education.

I also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, I donate to the Hospital Foundation and various cancer organizations. My team and I also occasionally donate equipment to local soccer teams.

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