Owner Spotlight: Dr. Sean Pierre

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I’m Dr. Sean Pierre, the proud owner of a community urology center in Ottawa, Ontario.

Here’s a little of what has gone into making me who I am today.

As the son of a doctor, getting into the field of medicine seemed like it was predecided. However, I love what I do as a physician, and I really want to make a change in the field of medicine.

Training to be a doctor has been a long journey (more than fifteen years of post-secondary education), but a valued one.  I’ve been in Ottawa practicing as a urologist for twelve years now. I did my bachelor’s degree at McGill University, my medical degree at The University of Western Ontario, my urology training at Queen’s University, and my sub-specialty training in minimally invasive urology at Duke University.  When its summed up like that, it sounds very straightforward, but it represents a heck of a winding road.

Over the years, medical technology and procedures have improved drastically, and today, there are several minimally invasive surgery options and digital resources in the field. When I began, robotic-assisted surgery was just out of the experimental phase, and laparoscopy was still growing. Now, we have high definition viewing, a lot more video recording, and tons of online resources.  With these tools and resources, it’s become easier to help patients achieve their goals. Moreover, with the specialized training that I have, I can ensure my patients recover more quickly and thoroughly.

As a reliable healthcare professional, I make sure to do the work that needs to be done. In an environment where time and energy are limited, it is tempting to try to cut corners, but must be avoided to improve the quality of life. While there are times when efficiencies can be achieved, it should not stop us from doing what needs to be done, and that’s the philosophy I follow in my line of work.

Besides this, I make sure I am reasonable, comprehensive, considerate, and thoughtful while helping my patients. My efforts in this manner have helped me treat many people successfully and receive several recommendations. When I head into my clinic every day, I make sure I encourage the patients’ family and my colleagues despite the limitations of the system.

Apart from helping several patients improve their health, one of my most significant achievements as a professional was establishing my current office and clinic. I designed the office layout myself, did most of the legwork with organization and construction, made as much digital as I could, and made it all work despite financial limitations. This was outside my usual area of expertise, so it was gratifying to get it done and done well.

Thankfully, I do like pursuits other than medicine.  Soccer is one of my favorite hobbies, and I play, watch and referee as I can.  I do like to read extensively beyond medicine; for leisure, I prefer more speculative and detective fiction than anything else.

On a community level, I do my best to contribute to the social infrastructure where I can, especially concerning human resources, as it is a huge issue and difficult to fix with just dollars. There are multiple components to this, and finding the right balance is critical to ensure the kind of safety net that can respond to crisis.

Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence my practice.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my services as a community urologist in Ottawa, Ontario, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at www.drpierreurology.com.


Dr. Sean Pierre